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CJ -- Does your '14 have the 'plug and play'? If so, how did you get the 490R/498T in there? I was thinking of the chrome look but those black

covers are growing on me. Also, did you resolve the squeal?

Yes, it has the quick connect. I soldered the 490/498 in. I think chrome would be a nice look. I haven't seen a '13 LPJ in person, but look and sound great. I haven't resolved the squeal yet. I'm thinking it's my amp. Even when I turn the gain down on the O/D 2 channel, it still squeals.

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Nice! I like perimeter bursts. Are p/u's in your pic the 49X's or the Zebras? (Post #20)


If you got chrome goin' how 'bout some pics?


Hey maybe we can call this NGS = Summer...




Thanks, Hap. I liked the look of the zebra coils, so I got the 490s in the zebra coils. So the picture above is with the 490s. Nice Axe. I like the cherry finish. I like the TRC, too.

NGS= summer? I think so.

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I've got an 2013 LPJ for about 6 months as a cheap sister for my Standard 2008. But she's not cheap, is a truly LesPaul. Light and nice (GodTop) with a great voice.

I had the opportunity to try 4/5 different guitars in the shop, some had a neck like a baseball bat, but mine had a nice '59 style round neck very easy to play.


As stated I've sell it because I've leaved my country (from Italy to Spain) and I've no room for a lot of guitars (I keep only my 2008 standard and my Blues King acoustic) but if I find a second-hand definitely will buy it.



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Man I just love that orange-red-brown paint job!


Being a lefty my choices are very limited...

It was my favorite of the 2014 finishes. They were supposed to available in left handed versions, but I guess they decided against it. Would've been a good move their part.

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That photo is priceless. A perfect moment in time. Could that LPJ's sound be adding to your extra-happy smiling face?


My LPJ's neck is like yours (late 50's). According to Gibson, the 2013 Traditionals have slightly fatter necks.


Also, if I'm correct, the earliest LPs ('52 ?) necks were so fat, that is when the Baseball Bat comparison originated?

My 2014 LPJ also has the 50s neck, but it's quite comfortable to play. I tried a '14 LP Traditional, and it's neck was considerably fatter. Was definitely like holding a baseball bat. I'm guessing that's by design? I do believe the baseball bat comparison originated in the early 50s.

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Hello thanks for your replies. Now that i have finished my little upgrade i am realy happy. The 57 Classic Angus Young combination sounds great in this guitar. And yeah Donny already helped me out with some wiring sugestions. But my first 50's style wiring has to wait a little. Gibson customer care solved my problem. They sent me a complete new PBC board. Now my cherry looks and sounds like a million bucks. 490/498 sounded not bad for metal stuff, but the new ones sound better to my ears when i play clean. And when i wanna go evil i plug my Boss MT-2 in and done, i can raise hell. I was realy surprised how different my guitar sounds now that i changed the pickups.


Everyone's ear is personally discriminating, that's why those seeking advice before-hand are often met with alot of cricket-chirps, (silence) because alot of us know what we like won't necessarily be what you (or anyone else) like/s and don't wish to presume...


I happen to think the 490R/498T pickup combination to be one of the best Gibson ever put together and am working toward finding a Les Paul Custom with that pickup combination...


I am growing ever fonder of my Burstbucker 1 & 2 combination in my 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition in Manhattan Midnight Blue. I also like the classic Gibson honk I get in my 2000 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Limited Edition in Wine Red.


Each one fills a different desire at a different time in a different mood...


I also happen to like the Wilkinson pickups in my Vintage (UK brand) Les Paul copies...


Glad you like the guitar and the pickups you've chosen! Whatever fills you with the passion to play and hear it be played is a good the best thing!

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CJ I noticed my '13 LPJ's body is significantly thicker than the '12 Studio I briefly had. Is your '14 LPJ nice and thick as well?


...and yes, I too find the late-50's rounded neck extremely comfortable. In fact, I like it a lot better than the 60's slim taper.


The whole darn guitar just feels (and sounds) so..... well, right. Basic 'meat and potatoes' never tasted so good!

My LPJ has a nice thickness, too. You're right. These LPJs sound and feel great. I can second that on the 'meat and potatoes.'

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CJ ---


I've been thinking about your sqealing problem. Does it seem to come solely from the amp? Is the squeal present mostly while bending certain

strings on certain frets? Since you have a 2nd p/u set, I think we can dismiss any probabilty of overly-microphonic pickups.


You mentioned your MG15CFX as a potential. As you undoubtedly know, there are very mixed reviews on this Marshall series. In fact, I had a

MG15CFR at the time of my receipt of the LPJ. One complaint I've read a few times is a 'shrill' sound. I somewhat agree. The MG15CFR seems

'thinner' than the previous generation (I had a 2003 MG15DFX that was b*llsier). Then again you have the CFX and the demos I viewed sounded great,

so maybe you got a bad one? I sold my CFR. Replaced it with a Acoustic G20 Lead Series; a keeper. I'm going to buy your model also. I like

the idea of 4 separate sound options (Clean/Crunch and OD1/OD2) within the 2 Channels of this interesting amp.


...sorry if I'm re-hashing ideas which you already thought of and/or investigated...

I've done some thinking myself, and I'm fairly certain it's the amp that's the source of the squeal. I've played my LPJ through my granddad's MG50DFX, and I don't get that 'shrill' sound. I know it can't be the p/ups, because, as you know, they are wax potted. They do feed back, but that's normal for p/up with the output these have. The only way I can get rid of the squeal is to turn the tone pots all the way down. Of course, there are upsides to this amp. The four channel options are great. It has great FX, and is fun to use and experiment with. It's quite possible I may have gotten a bad one. I appreciate your input. No apologies necessary.

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Tone pots all the way down?!? Well that won't do at all, IMO. This is waaaay beyond my knowledge. I could not even guess.


Perhaps the forum experts can help?

Weird, I know. I'm still thinking it's the amp. But I'm not an expert, so I can't tell for sure. I guess I need to try my LPJ through other amps to see if it's my amp, or my guitar.

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Is that a Dunlop Tortex .73mm Yellow pick I see in your LPJ's case?


I've used that pick since day one. I recently tried a Dunlop Gator-Grip .71mm - I've been converted.


I've always been a bit of a spazz keeping the yellow under total control. Problem solved! The Gator's face is where I plant my index finger.

Yes, sir. You're correct in your observation. I've been using that since day one. Though I do lose my grip sometimes. I will definitely try the gator grip. I just might convert, too.

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