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You mentioned you played your new LPJ thru your granddad's MG50DFX and there was no shrill.

That would jive with what I experienced with my former MG15DFX.


But, I'm not clear as to any differences with the squeal with the DFX?


The most recent MG Series has been called 'shrilly'.

I don't necessarily agree that to be the case with the MG15CFX; however, my former MG15CFR did kinda sound thin.

As I've said, I like the features and sound of your CFX. I plan to lug my LPJ to GC next week and play thru your amp.


We both have the 498T, which we know has both high output and an emphasis on mids.

So, what if you were to:


1. Set the channel to OD1

2. Not engage the mid-shift

3. Set Gain to 2-3 o'clock

4. Set Mids to 8-9 o'clock

5. Set Treble between the first and second 'threshold' from zero

6. Ensure the bridge p/u is not kissing the high E zone


I do understand how you feel about this and you have tried many things already.


OK, it's stupid question time! With your CFX, did you try settings similar to the above?


...a just a wonderin'...


OH WAIT! If memory serves, your CFX has a Master Volume all the way to the right? Hmmmmm. Another consideration.

Hmm, that's a good idea. I have tried quite a few things, but that sounds like a great idea. I would say that the sound from my granddad's amp is a bit more full than on my amp. I can actually have everything dimed on the O/D 1 channel and not get the 'shrill' sound. It's with the O/D 2 channel which of course has the most gain that I get the feedback. There is sufficient clearance between my p/ups and the strings. I've found the only way to get decent body to the sound is to dime the eq settings. That's just to my liking. Maybe I'm just trying to get too much out of my amp. I will try the settings you mentioned above, and see how that works. Oh, no stupid questions here. I'm always open to ideas and suggestions, so I appreciate that.

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Oh I had it backwards. I thought OD1 was the more gain channel. So if you want, use OD2 with the settings.


It has been said that ignorance is bliss. What does 'dime' mean?

Oh, okay. I gotcha. It's all good. It goes in order from least gain to most. So you have clean with the last gain, crunch with some break up, O/D 1 with a bit more gain and then O/D 2 with the most gain. When you 'dime' a setting or volume or whatever, you set it to 10 or the max setting.

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I see. I've always played with all 4 knobs dimed, except the bridge volume I would back off so as not to step on other band members.

I used to do that. Then I decided to experiment a little. With some of the other guitars I've had, I had to dime everything. With my LPJ, I've actually had to roll the tone knobs back a little, as there was a bit too much treble for my ears.

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Gee, I forgot to thank the OPer on this great topic. So, thank you, Todeshauch. Your Chocolate Satin LPJ looks real nice...


Hey thanks a lot it took me time but now i love everything about my guitar. Only one thing it is a cherry one but my phonecamera sucks. I prefere to have a nice axe and a cheep phone lol. But now that you mentioned it it looks realy like chocolat on the pic.

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Hello to everyone!

I´m a proud owner of an LPJ 2013, and i have to say that i love it. Sounds and feels just perfect for me. And with this guitar Gibson has made out of me a Les Paul addict. I am already saving money to buy me some day a glossy one with bindings and all that beautyfull stuff. But for now my cherry satin does it very very well.

I already modded it a little bit (knobs/truss rod cover), and it looks very nice now. Next step will be to put some new pickups in it.

The ones it has are ok, but i´d like to see how it sounds with other ones. And i have to say i am not a big fan of the EMG looks on a Les Paul. The wood of my maple top its just beautyfull, it is perfect with the cherry finish. The neck and the spot where my arm rests while i´m playing its getting sort of shiny, and i am thinking about maybe to polish the top a little. And maybe it helps to cover some light marks i did with my pic and fingernails. You have to be pretty smoth on that finish its very thin.

The only thing giving me issues is the PCB board thats inside. For those who wan´t to know more about it, got a topic in Gibson Gear that is called "Quick Connect= Can´t Connect". But thats not why i started this topic.

I wanted to know from people what your thoghts about this LPJ Models are. What do you like and what not, would you change anything, or maybe do a little modding.

And don´t be shy pics are always wanted. I will post some pics when i finished upgrading it. Ok folks thats all greetings from spain and hope you enjoy it.


Ey peeps listen i think now exists a better place for this, the LPJ Club!

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That photo is priceless. A perfect moment in time. Could that LPJ's sound be adding to your extra-happy smiling face?


My LPJ's neck is like yours (late 50's). According to Gibson, the 2013 Traditionals have slightly fatter necks.


Also, if I'm correct, the earliest LPs ('52 ?) necks were so fat, that is when the Baseball Bat comparison originated?


Hi Haphzard,


Yes in that photo I was very happy, good sound and good friends (and beer too) [rolleyes]

Yes with "Baseball Bat" I refer to earliest '50 necks.

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