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1955 Gibson LG1 Loose braces and crack in top

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So I'm trying to bring this old Gibson back to life and it's very dried out.

The top braces are all loose and when gluing them, I found a crack in the top. It's very tight and I can feel it flex.

Should I run glue in it and just let it set or cleat it?

Also, I'm humidifying the guitar.


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By a rare coincidence I too have just purchased a 1955 Gibson LG1 that has some bad crack repairs I'm touching up. I am removing the glue that was used as filler and replacing it with real wood. You can use veneer or saxophone reeds just as long as you don't use filler!... On a vintage guitar like this real wood is the only way to go. If you need more help you can contact the Stewart Macdonald help desk.





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