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Trying to find out more information about my 2007 Gibson SG-3


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I apologize if this is a tiring thread.


I purchased a Gibson SG-3 in 2007 from Guitar Center, and I cannot, for the life of me, find the card included with the guitar's serial number and luthier's signature. The headstock does not have what I understand to be a standard serial number. It has "E 085."


How can I find more information out about my guitar? Namely, the actual serial number. I'm a bit lost on how to proceed. I have sent an email to Gibson's customer support to ask if they carry that kind of information in their records.


Thanks for your help.

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Nice looking SG-3!! I think you're going to have to wait on Gibson's Customer Service,

as there doesn't appear to be any mention, of SG-3 4 digit serial numbers. They are

mentioned, on LP Classic's, but not the SG-3. Sorry... Maybe someone else will be

able to tell you? But, I think the E, is for "Ebony" and the number is the actual number

of your guitar, out of the original 400 made (or, whatever the limited edition production number

was, for that model)! So, if I'm right, E 085 would mean you have an Ebony (Black)

version, (obviously) that is #85 out of 400 made.


Have you tried the "Everything SG" Web site? They may have more info, if you don't hear back

from Gibson, Call them again. They've always been good (to me) about such things. Good Luck! [thumbup]



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