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"Ashley" plays and sounds better than the EB 2014 I played in a local store. An amazing overall sound. Lows, Mids, and Highs sound fantastic. The neck is very comfortable, and fast. Good job to Gibson.

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lookin' good, G! [thumbup]


I don't name my basses but I've taken to calling my chain saw Lon Chaney. [blink]


Thanks Ramone. After playing the floor EB at a local store, then seeing the grain on this one,……………… it was the right move. Both my Gibsons are something. A Chain Saw? OUCH!

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I am still loving my 2013.



I gather I was lucky. I am still thinking about changing the strings on the EB to the ETB92's. The t'bird has been changed to the ETB92 strings. This is an older photo.


I think you'll like the ETB92's on the EB. I string them on all my basses, even the SG Std. is strung with ETB92S. If it wasn't for the high frets, I wouldn't have returned the EB 2014. When I really had a chance to compare it to my SG Std., it didn't make it. I didn't factor in the 4003 Ric, I just compared Gibson to Gibson.

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