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Where do you buy your guitar parts?


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No place in particular, it depends on what I'm looking for. The other day, I placed orders with three different companies for various parts for just one guitar; it was all pretty specialized stuff though.


For knobs and other general replacement parts, lots of places sell them like Warmoth, StewMac, Acme Guitar Works or even Ebay and Craig's List.

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I am thinking of changing the knobs on my LP' date=' so I was wondering where you all bought your guitar parts.





Since you ask.............



Tone Pot replacement:












CTS 500 Audio taper (volume) pots and almost everything else to include Schaller roller bridges, exotic bigsby trem arms etc:




The cheapest and fastest place to get a Bigsby tailpiece is:





happy shopping =D>

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I tend to stay with OEM or factory parts, especially with high end instruments. My local GC sells a nice assortment of Gibson branded factory repacement parts (including knobs), as well as does Antique Electronics Supply.




You must be careful of foriegn made parts, for the simple fact that they are made to metric dimensions converted from english measurements, plus who would want to put that cheap crap on a Gibson guitar. Many parts of Gibson guitars they do not makes themselves (such as hardware and electronics), they contract the manufacturing. With a little research it is usually possible to find out who makes the stuff for Gibson and buy the exact same products "plain label" at a substantial savings from an independent source.

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On my Gibson I only use Gibby parts...They are more expensive but I want to keep it 100% Gibson.

My Fender....I use what I feel will help me most, be it a Fender product or someone elses.


RichCI got me looking at Callaham parts....great site, and I have already ordered a few goodies!

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Why don't you also try your local Gibson dealer? That's the first place I'd look.


+1... that's where I get all my stuff. Of course, they're also my local Fender, Gretsch, Ibanez, Marshall, Vox, Tama, Pearl, Zildjian, Sabian, Roland, Korg, and Kawai dealer... they're one of the oldest music stores in the area so they got all the good brands.

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