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I really like these guitars. I like them because they are not an Epiphone version of a Gibson. I love Gibson products as well but, these guitars look, sound and play very cool for what they are. I would love to have an original one from 1959 or 1960 around there. Earlier this year I got a MIC Wilshire TV Silver Pro with AlNICO Classic Pro pickups which sound pretty decent to myself. I know the original ones came with P90s and the mini humbuckers as well. I did a setup on it when I got it and, put new strings on it. The factory setup was way off on it! This is my second Epiphone. I also have an ebony SG Special with the bolt on neck. That one came perfectly set up from the factory. When I got it the guy had just pulled it out of the box. Getting back to the Wilshire. I like to see if others on here would like to share. I'm a big fan of Epiphone solid body electrics in general. Here are some photos of the one I have:








I had taken these photos before I took off the plastic and, stickers off as well as, changed strings and adjusted.

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Brings me back to the days when I had a Coronet back in the 60's. Sure wish I still had it. Here's a pretty poor picture I took it back in 66. Funny you should post this thread as I just found the photo this morning while rummaging my old photos. Again, sorry for the bad photo. We didn't, well I didn't anyway, have good cameras back then. msp_biggrin.gif



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I have a cherry red Worn '66 Wilshire with twin mini humbuckers and tremotone! [biggrin][thumbup][wub]


Here I am, playing the thing: 1468538_10102318469086193_1666531806_n.jpg


And here's another shot of the Wilshire along with the rest of my "rig": image201312070006_zpsbca13ee5.jpg


Both pictures are from last year when I was homeless and couchsurfing. The second photo, you can sort of see my amp - a Peavey Bravo. (It has the white bowl sitting on top of it).

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