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Can anyone ID this Guitar of mine - well one that I did have.


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Looking at some old photos, I came across one that was taken back in the 60's. If my memory serves me right, I might have posted this image here on the forum awhile back. Anyway, I can't for the life of me remember what Gibson model it was. Can anyone here ID it for me please? All I do remember was that not long after I sold it and bought an Epiphone Coronet. Its the only picture I have of it. I sure would like to know what it was. Thanks!




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late 50's or early 60's ES-350TN, buy the looks of it!

The early to mid-50's versions had P-90's, but the later

version were humbucker equipped.


Too bad, that you don't still have it! [tongue]




Thanks CB. It might very well have been from the 50's as I remember it was used before my dad had got it for me. Let me tell you, he was none too happy when I traded it in on the Epi. msp_biggrin.gif


Yes, I sure do wish I still had it, like many of the guitars I had owned years ago. msp_sad.gif


Edit: Another thing I wish I still had was that Epiphone amp. That dates back to the 40's, and wouldn't you know GC has one for sale (well similar). Slight difference on the bottom panel though. I'm sure my dad paid pennies on the dollar for what it sells for now. If only I had some extra green msp_biggrin.gif.



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