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Please Help me Identify This Les Paul


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Hi, Everyone. I'm new to this Forum, which is awesome.


I am negotiating to buy a used late-1960s Les Paul, but I'm having trouble identifying it.


I spoke to Gibson this morning and they said that, according to the SN, it looked like it was made in 1967, then other places online have said 1968 or 1969. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics from the seller but will try to get some.


Here are the details:


SN first four digits: 8918..


Deluxe on headstock

SN stamped into top rear of headstock

Does not say "Made in USA" on rear headstock

No volute


Let me know if there are any other details that would help me ID this piece. I know some can be very expensive, and then many not so expensive at all.


Thanks so much!

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Without photos, it's hard to say. But, it may well be one of these, described below?




Les Paul Deluxe (From Wikipedia)


The Deluxe was among the "new" 1968 Les Pauls. This model featured "mini-humbuckers", also known as "New York" humbuckers, and did not initially prove popular. The mini-humbucker pickup fit into the pre-carved P-90 pickup cavity using an adaptor ring developed by Gibson (actually just a cut-out P90 pickup cover) in order to use a supply of Epiphone mini-humbuckers left over from when Gibson moved Epiphone production to Japan. The DeLuxe was introduced in late 1968 and helped to standardize production among Gibson's US-built Les Pauls. The first incarnation of the Deluxe featured a one-piece body and slim three-piece neck in late 1968. The "pancake" body (thin layer of maple on top of two layers of Honduran mahogany) came later in 1969. In late 1969, a small "volute" was added. 1969 Deluxes feature the Gibson logo devoid of the dot over the "i" in Gibson. By late 1969/early 1970, the dot over the "i" had returned, plus a "Made In USA" stamp on the back of the headstock. The Deluxe could be special ordered with full-size Humbucker T-Top pickups, these full size versions of the Deluxe were "Standard" spec. They were also available with "Gibson" embossed pickups in 1972 only; these are considered rare, as only 9 were produced. David Bowie Can be seen playing one of the 1972 "Standards" in his 1972 release Jean Genie video. By 1975, the neck construction was changed from mahogany to maple, until the early 1980s, when the construction was returned to mahogany. The body changed back to solid mahogany from the pancake design in late 1976 or early 1977. Interest in this particular Les Paul model was so low that in 1985, Gibson canceled the line. However, in 2005, the Deluxe was re-introduced with more popularity due to its association with Pete Townshend [1] and Thin Lizzy.


In 1978 the Les Paul Pro Deluxe was introduced. This guitar featured P-90 pickups instead of the "mini-humbuckers" of the Deluxe model, an ebony fingerboard, maple neck, mahogany body and chrome hardware. It came in Ebony, Cherry Sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst or Gold finishes. Interestingly, it was first launched in Europe, rather than the US. It was discontinued in 1983.




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Hi and welcome.


Two of my reference books say that number dates from the very early bit of '69.


The rest would fit in with this date, too - AFAIK.


If the tone & vol pots are the original items you could ask the seller to tell you the pot codes.

This will give a date for the pots and the guitar would have probably been equipped with these items some time in the following months.



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