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File this under the "Never shoulda sold the last one" file... I had one of these Double Muffs a few years ago and got rid of it. It is not so much like a Big Muff as it has a ton of delicious crunchy midrange. Basically it's two of the old Muff Fuzz pedals cascaded into one another. It's also my first ever purchase from Reverb.com... these are getting pretty hard to find apparently. There is only one on eBay right now and it's beat up badly. Pretty satisfied with Reverb so far. [thumbup]



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I'm curious at the difference between the current versions and the original Sov-Tek version like mine...





It was awesome back in the day but I can't seem to find a real sweet-spot with it on my Gibsons or hard-tails the way I did with my Strat once upon a time...


The other pedal from that era that seemed to be top-notch was a Rat...




These were pretty awesome back in the 1980's! My buddy Keith (RIP - he died of a bad infection of some sort last year and he's only a year older than I) played one with a Framus ES style semi-hollowbody guitar...

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Please excuse the hijack.....

The ProCo Rat is still a pretty awesome distortion pedal and even more so with the Keeley-type mod.


But now I want a Muff!


Er - don't get me wrong..... [biggrin][flapper]

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