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1930s parlor guitar with bad damage


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This guitar was purchased five years ago for $1300 at Southside Guitars in Brooklyn NY. They didn't know much about it but after a reputable luthier examined it to do some work on the archtop support, he confirmed that it was an early 1930s model. Black with sunburst, V-shaped neck, small body "parlor" size.


It was a much beloved instrument for a couple years! Then a horrific accident occurred (someone fell directly onto the guitar which had been flat on the floor). You can see the damage in the photos -- the neck has been snapped near the base of the body, the top is caved in.


It's taken me several years to get over the trauma of this incident and open the case! I don't have the money at the moment to invest in the overhaul that this guitar needs/deserves. But I've been advised that with work, it could still be a terrific instrument. I have it listed on craigslist in New York City as a fixer upper for $500. Is anyone interested or have feedback? Thanks.

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