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New Les Paul 1960 VOS purchased - questions


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Yesterday I bought my other dream guitar a 1960 Les Paul VOS. I ordered it online. It a "brand new" 2011 version I bought online from a guitar store for $3500. They had a couple new never sold 2011 VOS and I guess they wanted to sell these cheaper so they could sell the 2014 versions at 6K or whatever they go for.


Anyways, this guitar sounds amazing. The 1960s neck feels "like home." I love this guitar.


Two questions for you guys

1. Why is there "Made in USA" stamp?

2. The tuners say "Gibson Deluxe" - is this normal?

3. Did not get a warranty packet. Is it because it is a 2011 model and there is no warranty? This wouldnt make sense because the gold top VOS i bought a month ago was a 2008 model and that came with a warranty.


I know this guitar is legit but because I bought via AMAZON, never played this guitar before purchasing it, and got a decent deal on it - I am just slightly paranoid that I am being ripped off somehow.


Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.



post-65793-037045200 1403675121_thumb.jpg

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Guest Farnsbarns

oops i meant "why is there NO made in USA stamp?"


Because it's a 1960 reissue and they had no "made is USA" stamp in 1960. The warranty card should have been in the case but you don't need it AFAIK. In 1960 the tuners would have said "Kluson Deluxe", I believe Gibson can't use the Kluson name.

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If the "dealer" you bought from on-line is not a Gibson dealer, you will not have a warranty even if they claim it is new. The warranty card is a minor thing, it is your receipt of purchase from an authorized Gibson dealer with the serial number on it that is important. It may also be possible that the dealer was an authorized dealer when they got the guitar from Gibson in 2011, but are no longer a Gibson dealer. Gibson will still honor the warranty if the guitar came from a dealer that was a dealer but no longer is, if the guitar is new and you have a receipt with a serial number on it. Contact the seller and ask about the warranty card.


As Farnsbarns said, the reissues do not have a "made in USA" stamp to be historically correct.

Many of the fakes that are made outside the USA sometimes do have the made in USA stamp on them though.

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