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Why No Serial #'s On Epiphone Headstocks?


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So, there is the question…

Why are there no serial numbers on the back of newer Epiphone headstocks? Isn't just making it easier for the counterfeiters???


There is no serial number on the back of the headstock of my Gibson 1959 ES345 Reissue. But that's the way they were back then...


So perhaps not a new trend.

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What new Epiphones? Most semi hollow/hollow bodys have them on the f hole label..all the newer solid bodys I had ( sg/les paul) 2011/12/13 had them on the headstock. I prefer it in the label of semi hollows much better to me..

Yes, mine has the number sticker in the ƒ hole but not on the headstock...


Joe, I know not of what you speak.

All Epis I have seen lately have the Serial# on the back of the headstock. [confused]

My '62 Sheraton reissue does not… I guess I have a skewed perspective. :-k It appears that only the arch tops do not have it…

A good way to see what mean is to go to sweetwater.com and look at the rear of the headstocks in their pictures...

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