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Gibson Alvin Lee Es 335?


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Hey guys¡ Just wondering if you could help me out.

I found a CS 335 Alvin Lee for something around 5500 usd and when looking at it in detail I've come to realise that its missing a couple of decals (the skull and the gray background dove on guitar).

I looked at some pictures on the internet and I couldn't find another one with those 2 decals missing, so, I have a couple of questions:

Is this the real deal? Whats up with the missing decals.? and,

if it is the real deal, is 5500 a good price?


Thanks in advance for your help, any comments are welcome.


post-55511-014203500 1403736807_thumb.jpg

post-55511-014232300 1403736832_thumb.jpg

post-55511-067445500 1403736862_thumb.jpg

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I think you need to be very careful with this. I tried to buy one at an auction in 2011 and I kept the .pdf of the auction catalog. You are correct about the missing stickers. The one at the auction at least was from a limited run of 50 and the S/N is AL 043. If it was one of the 50 a price of $5500 seems fair considering that Alvin has passed on. The one at the auction sold for about $4000 but that was before Alvin's death. It also has a red neck and back of headstock. I would be suspicious about the one you are considering. Is there a COA?

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