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Good morning. I'm looking for a Gibson Lg series (0 or 1). I'm a beginner and this guitar it's ok for me. I'd like to ask you, if exist a left handed factory model, or every Gibson Lg for left handed is adapted.

In the last case the quality is worst? What work needs to be done?

And what's the right price for this model?

I'd like to know even if this guitar is right for the airplane. (hand luggage)

I'm from Italy, and i'll be here for three month.

Thank you very much for the help. :-)

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The left handed aspect will certainly slow down your search, as there are very few of them around, modified or otherwise. There is more to conversion than just reversing strings, but if you can find one that was properly switched you won't notice sound quality diminishment. LG0's are 5-700 dollars here in the US. LG1's a touch more money. Don't want to be negative, but I'd suggest keeping an open mind shopping left-handed guitars and buy whichever feels comfortable and sounds OK.

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