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My next SG


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Brilliant except...the three pickups. That's a no-no for me.

No 3 pu's?,,I hear ya,,to each there own. My standard has 2 pu's,,and it woks well,,but I like the x-tra tones I could get when in the middle select switch position,,and then be able to "blend" with the vol knobs a bit of front,,or a bit of back pu,,or all 3 full blast. I know some may gasp at putting a Floyd on it,,but I think it would be my ultimate axe for what I like to do,,I also really like the translucent green + blue+orange colors they offer also,,different model SG for those,,but I really like this one. And the inlay + binding work+ peg head inlay design is totally awsome! Now all I need is 10 million dollars for all these.

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