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Just bought it yesterday after researching them for a while. It's my first Epi in a long, long time. In fact, it's my first LP in just as long. I had a Gibson Trad +, but sold it a couple years back.


I wanted an LP again. And I wanted a Gold Top. And, I wanted one with a big neck. But, didn't want to spend $2K. This thing is a beast. The neck feels bigger than the 50's neck on my former GLP. The satin feel is fantastic too. Very smooth and easy to play. The coil tapping is a lot of fun. The open humbuckers are very clear when clean, and distort nicely at high gain levels.


An added benefit is, it feels real light too and is nicely balanced.


I've read where they have a long neck tenon. I may take a peak when I change the strings.


Overall, I'm stoked. Epiphone has been putting out some nice instruments in the last few years. I hope I can keep my GAS under control. But already have the 335 on my radar.

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Thanks. I thought I could upload from my phone. No such luck. Hopefully, this works from my desk.

It's been a while since I've uploaded pictures.



I don't think the pictures do it justice.


The neck on this is amazing. It's huge. I has shoulders on it that are bigger than a few

CS Nocasters I've played. The satin feel is so organic, like it's been worn in. I forgot

just how much fun a Les Paul could be.

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