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Joe Pass Jazz/Blues Lesson


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I realize that this will not be interesting to most, and a little advanced for many, but I have listened to this lesson three times today, and this is a treasure trove of good information.




I find it interesting that Joe will often refer to a chord without referencing its extension/alteration. Many times he says he's playing a 7th when he has added a 9th (or #9) or 13th. Also, I think that it is cool that almost all of his chords are based around barre chords; he doesn't play many inversions except when he plays arpeggios. This means that roots are on the fifth or sixth strings.


I also find it interesting that he says he doesn't get into much theory when, to me, it would be hard to interpret this lesson without knowing theory and chord structure.

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It's streaming here in fits and starts. Don't know why. I got the first 3 or 4 mins and then it got stuck. As it's an hour long I can't sit through it now.


I'll certainly come back later, though. Sounds like it's going to be way over my head but what have I got to lose?

Even if I pick up just a handful of percentage points it's going to help!


Thanks for posting!





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