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B.B. King's & Billy Gibbons Ultra-lite strings


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I caught the final few moments of "Live from Daryl's house" last night.


Billy Gibbons was relating a story of how backstage prior to a gig with B.B. King some years past they exchanged axes briefly..Billy noted aloud to B.B. the gauge on "Lucille" was really light.


B.B.told him that he had been using really light strings for years .008 on the high end..'Why are you working so hard"? was B.B.'s retort to Billy.


Billy stated that later he had gotten some really light .007's on the high side and had been using ever since..


Question, would anyone know of the manufacturer of these ultra-ultra lights ?


I would like to set them on my LP for a go...



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Can't speak to the specifics, but I've had good luck with Ernie Ball 2225 Extra Slinky Nickel Wound Set (08 -38).


Came across this one too...


http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/rev-willys-strings includes a batch that's 7-38.


I only use the 8-38 on one guitar. For that guitar, I've used that gauge since I bought it in the early-mid '70s.


Other electrics I use 9-42.


Weakness to the 8-38 or, I'd guess, the 7-38, is that you can bend em when you don't wanna bend 'em - and that means being pretty sure-fingered on what you're doin'.



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