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What Locking Tuners For 2014 LP Traditional?


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I don't really want to start a big debate over locking tuners, I really like them, and would like to replace the stock tuners on my new 2014 Traditional with locking tuners that will look somewhat correct anyway, and fit the guitar with no alterations.


Anyone know which I should be looking at?


And now here's a real dumb question.....for the mechanically challenged, is this something I could do, or must I take it to the shop?


Thanks so much,


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Do You have a set yet I have a set I took off my Sig T I put Gibson Deluxe On mine. They are a direct change over.



Hey I'm back!


Yes still need locking tuners for my 2014 Traditional. So these would fit?


Please give me a holler if you still have them....that would be great!




(Tom Hartman)



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