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J-45 Custom Rosewood

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Wow.....I played one at a local GC today. It had pretty dead strings on it but still sounded great. Now, I already have a 1967 J-45.


I also have a Martin HD-28 and Martin D-41. Rosewood guitars.


I have found a new one at Sweetwater that is really beautiful. Will this guitar be really close to the 67 J-45 or the two Martins?


I can't play them next to each other.....but with Sweetwater there is the 30 day approval time.


It sounded great, looked beautiful, and played great. My guy at Sweetwater says the one they have is the best sounding guitar he has played in a long time.



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i predict that if you get this guitar, you will likely be looking at getting rid of one of the Martins. I think a rosewood J-45 would be a good guitar to have, but mostly because I am getting more and more addicted to that short scale. Cant explain it, just seems to be happening.

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I can't speak to the RW, but I got an identical one in Koa from Rainbow a month ago - and it is simply amazing! My frame of reference is a H'Bird TV and an SJ200 - not what you have.

So - different wood - different family to fit a new guitar into. But - as far as fit, feel, workmanship, price point and sound - I don't think you can go wrong. I would definitely do it all over again. G'Luck. Jim

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I'm going into the local dealer on Monday to try one. Plan is to sell my D28 (my 2013 D18 is much more my fave) and raise the cash to get the rosewood. Gonna try the J15 at the same time. If that works out will get that and pocket the difference.

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