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New G7th Performance 2 Capo


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I ordered this a couple of months ago and just received it yesterday. This is the new G7th Performance 2 capo.


I liked the G7th Performance capo but it was a little heavy and didn't clamp to the headstock (neither does my Schubb). When the G7th Newport came out, I bought it immediately thinking it was a lighter version of the Performance. Although significantly lighter, tension is adjustable much like the Schubb and it still won't clamp to the headstock.


The new Performance 2 has:


  • one hand operation
  • adjustable tension
  • much lighter than the first generation
  • pressure sensitive tension adjustment


The first gen G7th Performance weighs 2.7 oz.

The new Performance 2 weighs in at 1.8 oz.


Here are my three G7th capos; top to bottom Performance, Newport, Performance 2:




Here is a YouTube video about the capo:



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dammit man. another gadget .



I like the sound of this . I have exactly the same thoughts as you about the other g7 capos.

The Newport is a great job , only let down by the fact that it can't be clamped to the headstock . but I still liked it enough to give my original g7 away to my pal.

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More stuff.



I will wait for it to turn up at a local shop and give it a try, but my Elliot and Shubbs just bought are pretty spectacular!


I have a tin full of failures (I mean old capos ) and after showing the Boss the 'mojo bag' that the Elliot came in, she bought me some little organza bags to put each capo in.....




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I have a G7th performance 2 capo now and I love does the job great, looks cool and doesn't suck the tone out of my J-35 like the Jim Dunlop one I used to use does They are quite pricey but totally worth IMO

Mine is the black finish it's so neat and small you hardly notice it's there [thumbup]

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