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can anyone help me identify this guitar model and give me information about her? i bought it a week ago, and the things i know about her is that it was made in korea in 1997 and also that it's a limited edition.

her s/n: s97050004

thanks all for your help

post-66222-063667300 1404367733_thumb.jpg

post-66222-069519500 1404367741_thumb.jpg

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You have an S-30 Custom with an ash body.





These models are actually quite hard to come by and worth a lttle bit more than a non-custom S-310. Its definitely a keeper in my book.


thank you very very much for your help, i have one more question, in the description of the s310 custom it said that they were made between 1994-1996 and they have a explorer style head stock, my guitar was made in 1997 and has a batwing headstock, could it still be the s310 custom?

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