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Sound Test: Gibson LP and Epiphone LP


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Perhaps many of you have viewed this video clip before, but I thought it a good idea to post it for those who haven't. Bare in mind, this is a comparison of two guitars outfitted with Burstbuckers. Perhaps not the exact pups, as it was mentioned that the Epi uses their own version. Whether they are the same technically speaking, I don't know. Maybe some of you might be able to shed some light on that.


The idea is to see if there is any difference sound wise between the two. Can any of you tell if there is?




And the answer is? Well you have to determine that, but if you watch this next video they will tell you witch guitar they used etc., etc. Now don't cheat and watch the second one first. msp_flapper.gifmsp_biggrin.gif







PS. My input. No difference at all except in the second test. Just a slight difference. So why buy a Gibson? I'll stay with the Epiphone and bank the difference. Kaching!!! msp_thumbup.gif

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