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Question about newer Epiphone serial numbers

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I have a question about Epiphone serial numbers. I have searched around the internet about it, but can't find anything especially for the newer models. With all the fakes being sold everywhere around the globe, I think it's important to know some informations about these serials too.

As far as I know nowadays Epiphones are made in Chingdao plant, China (QC). On the neck of mine it says it too. Now... how do you identify a guitar (date, place) by a serial? Everyone seems to write about older serial, but for the Chinese-made Epi's there's almost nothing.


On my guitar the serial number is 13111509313 and it's for the Epiphone SG G400 pro model.

When I use the guitar dater project website, it says:

Your guitar was made at the

Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China

November 2013

Production Number: 09313


When I looked around the internet for other Epiphones of the same model, their serial was very similar to mine, just the few last numbers were different on each one. I also saw there's no letters anymore (it's all numbers), and there's usually 11 numbers. What do these numbers mean in regards to date and place the guitar was made? Is it now for all the Epiphones made in the last few years?

If I haven't used this guitar dater project I'd never know when my particular guitar was made or where.


I think that the answers might as well help some others who are searching for information about their serial numbers for newer models. Thanks! :)

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