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mid ninties es 335


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A friend has a 95 335 and it sounds great. I listen to it in a band setting as I would run sound for them often.

It has a nice bloom to the notes and I got curious and compared a few things to my 2001 335 dot.

The 95 has pickups that area about 8.3k on both classic 57s. Mine are about 7.4k. The 95 is not as lively acoustically BUT it really sounds great, a bit darker than mine but sooo rich.

So fyi for you, I have read some good things on the mid 90s ones but I have been learning a lot from many on the boards and in person looking at various ones, really interesting how all the slight differences add up and you really have to play them in a quiet setting before buying to check out all the sonic details, like they have a personality. :huh:

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