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explorers store ?


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Hi guys! Im from Russia, and I want to buy a explorer, such as Explorer 120 , Covernmnet Series, *golden axe* or standard. But in russian shop's this all out of stock. So , I want to ask, where I can buy (online shops) one of this models in Europe or USA with russian delivery ?

Thanks all.

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Hello Flasher, and welcome here.


I hope the following informations may help you a bit.


Music Store Professional, Cologne, one of the biggest retailers in Germany, operates a website for Russia. Here's the link:




Through research I found out that they don't seem to have the Explorer 120 yet but some expensive Custom Shop Limited Run models. I bought their single Government Series II Explorer five months ago. However, I do expect them to get some Explorer 120 guitars soon.


Thomann, Burgebrach, the biggest mail order company in Europe and operating a big store, too - I've been there rather often and bought lots of stuff from them - has the Explorer 120 and several Custom Shop Explorers in stock. However, they don't run a Russian website, and I don't know if they export to Russia. It seems all the countries on their list are part of the EC or associated to it. For information, here's the link in English (to the website for United Kingdom):



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