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The 1942 Gibson opaque finish


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Zombywoof and Jayyj recently mentioned the early 1940's opaque finish in TWalker's thread on an unusually yellowed 1950's J-50. The opaque finish they were referring to is a rare and beautiful thing, and deserves to be seen around these parts for those who may not be familiar with it. Here is a 1942 J-35 that fired up the vintage gas'ers over at the umgf's Vintage Corner about two and a half years ago. Originally on eBay showing an excruciatingly rough bridge repair/replacement, done back in the day when vintage guitars were definitely just old guitars, apparently:






The guitar sold for $8100, was returned to the seller, who sent the guitar out to have a beautiful repair done in Chicago by Robert Daniel of 3rd Coast Guitar Service. Then back on eBay where it sold for $9800:






The opaque finish with checking and crazing serves up a zenful dose of accidental art. My favorite- bass side, lower bout; and... follow the line of crazing to the almost-perfect small circle:



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The last blonde J-35 I ran across was one that popped up in one of those Heritage musical instrument auctions last year. I had a friend who attended but the guitar quickly edged above what I told him I was willing to spend (the fate of all cheapskates).


So has anybody ever run into one of these built in any year other than 1942?

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