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My new Dimarzio Stratocaster Bridge

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Well, old, but you get the point. new to my guitar.


Pretty much a drop in replacement, though a couple saddles were cracked, so I decided to use my original Fender stamped steel ones, which fit just the same and do a good job.


The trem arm is nice and high, so it sits well above my knobs and switch tip, which was a major gripe of my old bridge.


The block is solid steel and feels really heavy and sturdy.


The bridge plate is thicker and more refined than any other strat plate I've seen thus far. Comparing it with my old one, the lines on the edge are straight and clean, while the old one looks sloppy.


Overall marvelous craftsmanship on this bridge, and I can't wait until my strings come in the mail so I can set it up. For $75, I'm extremely happy.




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I remember when Dimarzio sold hardware. I don't think they do anymore. They had a heavy duty all brass tremolo too that was just awesomely crafted. Great score man.


I'll echo Uncle Fred. That oldie reeks of Quality from days of yore..Hope ya ran like ya stole it...


Sa weet.



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