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I just bought a Epi Les Paul Ultra Pro off Reverb. I have seen the page on the Epi site showing the specs and such. I like to have copies of the catalog that shows my guitars in them. This model was not in the 2013 catalog and only the non-Pro version was shown in the 2011-2012 catalog. So this one must have been a sort run between 2012 and 2013. Mine has a serial number that puts it 02/2012. I have seen some announcements of other Pro models that came out after the 2012 catalog was published from google searches but have not seen one for when Epi announced the Ultra Pro. Its not like I have on seen the Out of Production web page for it, I know all I need it just would be cool to be able to save in my flies a pdf that shows it off.


The Ultra Pro seems like such a cool guitar, it seems like they only promoted the Ultra II/III. The Ultra Pro just seems like it has the perfect set of features for me: lighter weight, belly cut, maple neck, taped ProBucker pups, and quilt maple veneer top, faded cherry burst color. The only thing I would love better if it had been made in Midnight Sapphire.... Oh well. Maybe I will someday get a Custom Plus EX or Tribute Plus to go with it ;)













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