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gibson es-325 pickups have phase problem


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hey guys


ive had a '72 es-325 for a number of years. ive always noticed a phasing problem when i turn both pickups to 10. its usually a balancing act, neck on 8, bridge on 7 sounds pretty good. but if they come close they start to phase out. ie, neck 10, bridge 8 is considerably louder and bassier than neck 10, bridge 10.


it's never really bothered me until recently- i've not got this problem on my other guitars. the wiring looks correct on the plate. so im guessing its because the pickups are so similar?


are there any other 325 owners out there that have a similar problem? anyone have any ideas? ive got the minihumbuckers stamped 'gibson'



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Are you talking out of phase or volume? Seems to me you are talking about volume.


when two signals phase they cancel each other out, dropping the volume and thinning out the sound.


it's definitely a phasing problem.

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