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Capo Surprises


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Since using my new capos, I can experiment with all kinds of things I couldn't keep in tune before.



Looking up stuff on the internet finds all kinds of weird things...



So I have Eagles "Hotel California" tabbed in a book I bought in B Minor, a bit glintzyy but we thought the clever chaps from Eagles would get riffing on acoustic in B Minor without a pause for thought...



But not so, apparently - from Guitar World mag:


Former Eagle Don Felder:


"When I originally wrote ['Hotel California'], it was in the key of E minor, which is a really great guitar key to play in and write in. We recorded the whole track in E minor, and then Don Henley went out and tried singing it ... and it was way too high for him ... . So I took a guitar, went out in the studio and said, 'OK, let's move it down to D minor.' Still too high ... C minor, a little bit too high; A minor; no, that's too low. It wound up being in the key of B minor, which is on the seventh fret."


The seventh fret is exactly where Felder's capo wound up; the song is played as if it were in E minor.




So off to Chordie.com we go and find the tune is also situated in Bm on their version, but they have a "tranposition tool" down the bottom or side of their page! (Transpose Up 5 Semitones).








And guess what? It sounds fab as a solo acoustic guitar piece on the 7th fret! And after you can launch into "Here Comes The Sun', also 7th fret....





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