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Gibson SJ-200 Standard and True Vintage Differences


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Could someone help me spot the differences between a True Vintage and a Standard Model ? For example a pre-2007 Standard (which has the green key tuners, and 4 ribbon bridge), and a post-2007 TV (which has the same tuners/bridge) ?


Is there something different about the bracing, or anything else ? Also, what's the visual difference between adi and sitka ? Is one a bit darker than the other ?



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Read the "SJ200TV is it worth it?" thread to get a good background on variations over time in this model.

Yes, including the tuners, the "Pre-TV" model (the only model available, but retro-actively called a 'standard') shared much with the TV version when it was introduced. I don't know about bracing, but I would guess the post 2007 standard has a less complex bracing pattern than the TV. Adi is preferred and a more expensive option than sitka. But, I'm not sophisticated to be able to differentiate in looks or sound between the two - so I wouldn't pay more. IMHO/YMMV/ETC.

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