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Need opinions replacing J-50 pickguard


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I'm finishing up replacing the adjustable bridge on this 1964 J-50. The guitar had seen a fair amount of repair work, and sounded pretty dead so it seemed a reasonable strategy.


When I removed the oversize black pick guard, I discovered a pretty ugly butt joint in the inner ring of the sound hole inlay. So, I'm wondering whether to allow this ring to show, as the originals did (my initial plan), or make it a bit oversized to hide the unsightly butt joint.


Wondering what you all would do?


Or should this post be on the restoration forum instead (or also)?


Thanks, Richard

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A question - did you take a look at the bridge plate when replacing the bridge? Reason I ask is some time in the mid-1960s Gibson went to a plywood bridge plate that was big enough to qualify as a piece of furniture. These things dampened the top more than the adjustable bridge itself. In a decade filled some very unwise design decisions, that big old bridge plate was one of the worst.


On the pickguard, I tend to stick with the original footprint. The pickguard on my 1956 SJ covered the rosette. While I never had to replace it, based on the number of older Gibsons I have seen where the edges of the soundhole have been chewed up I figured it was not a bad idea to place the scratchplate there.

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