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played this one today


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I played this guitar today and though I did not buy it (I am just not going up in size) I was sorely tempted. Sounds very full and intonation is great. If I were going to get a 12 fret dread, I would look no further. I also love the neck on it, it did not really feel like a V to me. More like a modified V with good shoulders. Almost exactly like the martin D-18vs. I am picky about necks and I loved this neck. You don't see these guitars much and this one is in outstanding condition. I have seen people here asking about them so.... Just saying... http://theunofficialmartinguitarforum.yuku.com/topic/161751/master/1/?page=1

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I had one of these for awhile. It was a fun guitar but side by side with a Gibson, sonically, it was definitely an Epiphone. I will say that it was my first foray into 12 fret acoustics and, don't get me wrong, a good guitar for the money. I have a couple of nicer ones now.


That was then:



This is now:



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