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GHS guitar gloss... anyone used it?


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A friend just gave me a bottle of this "GHS guitar gloss" thing... the label reads "non-wax revitalizing treatment for a deep, clear, long-lasting shine on musical instruments.", "no cloudy build-up", "shines laquered and painted finishes, all guitar hardware and much more".


Has anyone tried it? Would it be ok to use it on my st faded? or should I only use it with my "propperly finished" guitars? My friend gave it to me because he is now a distributor for GHS (strings and stuff) and he wanted me to give it a try and tell him my oppinion on it. The guy is the same guy that is the only gibson and fender (and roland/boss) official dealer around here. Said it's supposed to work fine with nitro and with faded instruments.


What do you guys think?

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