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Hi Guys,


New to the forum. Thought this would be an idea place to show you my Custom Explorer that me and a good friend put together.


Vanson hardware and pickups. It's got a really nice crunch to it when kicked up nice and loud. Perfect for hard rock and metal.



post-66477-002116500 1405627252_thumb.jpg

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Thanks dude.


I've made a couple of changes to the explorer this evening.


I've removed the decal from fret 1. Never had a guitar with anything on fret 1 and it was putting me off, so that's came off.


Also I've removed the plastic pickup surrounds. I loved the tone before I put them on and I felt it was slightly compromised for the look with them on, the pickups were slightly lower in the body (under the covers) and I just knew they sounded better before.

post-66477-052439800 1405805246_thumb.jpg

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She looks great!


I've never heard of Vanson pups. How do they sound like?


they cost me £40 for the pair.

I went for the hex pole high output ones.

They're immense. Super tight low end, better than the 500T and Dirty Fingers and they have more punch than the EMG set in my LP.

I'm putting a pair in my next LP project for sure.

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