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Clapton hanging up his hat...

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In general we have not been replacing guitar legends with newer acts.


This is untrue. We live in an era where there's more great music being produced than ever. Some of it may be strange, outlandish, or different, but that's just how music evolves.


To say that there aren't legends living among us and making music at this time is a narrow world view.


It's not like all celebrities have died out since Marilyn Monroe died, new ones come in, old ones go out.


Personally, it's probably for the better, he had his time, and now it's time for someone else to stand in the spotlight for longer than necessary. (Clapton is guilty, and we all know it) New great music will come, and eventually those greats will grow old and burn out like Clapton did.


Music, like everything else, has a circle of life.

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In the article, he states that either the previous Crossroads or the next one will probably be his last. He just wants to stay at home, relax, and play for his family and friends, without the stresses of touring.




So a perfect example of why a guy should read the link b/4 commenting, huh? [glare]


But that shocks me! That's such a passionate cause of his I thought he would do it until he had to set on stage like BB King! But I guess he really is tired. I'm going to need to talk to him. [rolleyes] The next Crossroads was on my bucket list.

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I'm glad I saw him when he was great. I won't thank him for Cream, too obvious and too many people will do that. Dominos either, that was all Whitlock all the time. So I'll thank him for that guitar lesson on a record, EC Was Here. And for the last 13 minutes of One In Every Crowd.



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I feel a bit of the "once you get old your music starts to stink like moldy food" arguments coming on.


Yes, there's a cycle of life. But it's not even all physical changes that tends to have older musicians playing differently and seeing something of a different role on stage.


I note that a lot of older famed rockers and older famed country players have this strong tendency to end up doing a lotta standards one way or another.


Why? Cuz it's music that has made as much impact on them as on others over the years and it's natural for a mature mentality to find great appeal in that.


As for "making a fool of themselves," that's a matter of opinion. If musicians have fun doing whatever, are of sound mind and folks are willing to pay money to see them for whatever reason, what makes that "making a fool of themselves?"


I have some friends who are still playing the swing, Dixie and pop stuff of the late '40s and '50s era that they havve been playing ever since those days in bands. Making fools of themselves?


Also, great music is a matter of definition. When one is young, the passions tend to be rather obvious in playing. It's kinda like young men in good condition wearing muscle shirts or no shirts at all, and young women ensuring their "charms" are obvious for all to see. OTOH, a point comes where the physical external may or may not remain, but the technical, intellectual and emotional create a lot better "art" of any sorts.


No, I'm not saying that 'cuz I'm a grouchy old man at this point in life. I was saying the same thing in the '50s.



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Grouchy, is Good! [flapper] Been there, DOING that![biggrin]


Seriously though, EC has said, several times, in recent years,

that HE feels his playing isn't what it used to be, techically.

And, maybe he feels more that way, now??? I don't know. I've

never felt he lacked anything, playing wise, recently, or otherwise.

But, I do know a lot of people "retire," when they feel they cannot

produce the level of quality, THEY want. Regardless of what we might

be willing to "adjust" to, for their "benefit."


As to making a fool of oneself? Who cares?! People do that,

at all ages, willingly or not. As long as it's fun, and doesn't

hurt anyone, "fool away!" [biggrin]



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