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1990 les paul


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Hi everybody,I have a black 1990 les paul serial #90120565. The back of the tuners say Gibson deluxe,but the truss rod cover says Standard.It has two chrome covered humbucking pickups,neck and body.The head stock says Gibson,Les Paul model. Can somebody please tell me if this is a standard or deluxe,Thanks,Brian.P.S.,the white border of the truss rod cover is not aged like the rest of the white on the guitar,it's mostly yellow.

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Deluxes typically come with mini humbuckers (see below) so that might be the final determination. Aside from some custom orders and some recent offerings, Gibson typically reserved ebony finishes for Customs. The white on the trussrod cover wouldn't yellow like the binding; the binding yellows because it has a coating over it where the trussrod cover and pickguard do not.


From what you described, it sounds like a standard but if you post some pictures it would help to be sure.


Mini humbuckers:




Full sized humbickers:



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