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Battery Drain for Synapse Trans-Scale Custom


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To avoid unplugging the guitar output cable during short breaks (< 20 minutes), can the 4 pots be set for minimum μA (or mcA, microampere) drain? The only reference to the current drain is in the Owner's Manual (pg. 21): 160 micro-amps for the EMG active pickups.


If true, it would seem that turning the Volume down all the way and setting the Blend to Piezo would result in the minimum current drain. Interestingly enough, however, when the 9-volt battery ran out of charge, the piezo output was zero, whereas the EMG active pickups sounded distorted, as advertised in the Owner's Manual (pg. 22)!


Would setting the Hi-Band EQ and Lo-Band EQ to one extreme or the other (depends on if the RC circuit is in series or parallel) also cut to current drain further?


The reason I post this is that the leads to the battery connector are ridiculously, absurdly, and irresponsibly short, so short that changing the battery is a MAJOR PAIN-IN-THE-BUTT operation (not to mention the mediocre quality of the 9-volt battery connector)! I'm not surprised that the 2-conductor battery cable is so incredibly short; as if 3/4-inch extra cable length is going to break Gibson Guitar Co!


In summary:


1. With the guitar output cable still plugged in, what settings should each of 4 pots be set to minimize battery drain?

2. What would be this minimum current drain be, in microamperes?

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I tested my TransScale Custom this morning and found the current to vary between 1.5uA-190uA… the highest current coinciding with a powerful strum on all strings. This current draw from the battery is not effected by any of the control settings. From the limited schematics I found, I’d say all the active devices are always powered and the only way to conserve power is to pull the audio plug when not using the guitar… however, that won’t be saving much.


The battery lead on my guitar was also short but I was able to pull another ½-1” after removing the battery box. I had no problem changing batteries, even with my sore finger tips.

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