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'63 Epiphone Cortez for sale in Philly


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Not mine, but I know you guys appreciate these units, so have a look:




Thanks for mentioning this early Cortez FT45. I've got a modest collection and totally love these guitars. In the pic, the 2 on the outside are both 1963s; bought the one on the right in 1964 for $50. Best 50 bucks I ever spent. All 3 are played all the time (2 in alternate tunings) and always get a great response.





I think they age really well and actually improve in tone and appearance (the reddish tint turns to a honey brown). Great playability, feather-touch action, consistently low action right up the fret-board. Especially great as an accompanist guitar: mellow, cantina-type sound great for double stops.


The one in the ad you've posted looks to be in great condition, but according to the Guitar Dating Project - Guitar Dater - and Walther Carter's serial number list - Epi site - this would be an early-1962 (not '63 as advertised). This is the first Cortez I've ever seen with a 5-digit code (usually 6-digits).


Thanks for posting this.

ps, any other Cortez-lovers out there?

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