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Epi G-1275 with different bridge on 12er?

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Any ideas on this? I thought both necks had the separate tailpiece.



If I understand the question, it's like any other Epi 12 I've seen, the 12 string side still has 6 saddles, but are double notched (Rickenbacker does the same thing on most of their 12s). Aparrently, when he flipped the handing, all he did was flip the nut and reverse-order the saddles, on both necks.

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The 12 string side of that twin neck is fitted with a Gotoh (or copy of) bridge. It's a great solution to intonating a 12 string. The 6 thicker strings come through the body and the other 6 are attached to the bridge back (through body and toploading in Fender terms). The saddles are like modern Fender saddles but the 6 thinner strings have their own adjustable saddle to one side. A picture says a thousand words


I have one of these bridges on a Strat-a-like 12 string and it works brilliantly. Only down side is the saddles are hard zinc which (IMO) may take a bit of zing out of the sound. This is still a way better bridge than having a TOM and Stoptail for a 12 string.

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