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Harrison Les Paul - "Lucy"


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I dont know which forum is the best to post this in but....


I understand that there was a somewhat limited run of "Lucy" done in 2007(?) and i was tryin gto get some additional info on it.


Does anyone have any idea on:



- how many were produced

- whether the neck profile and pickups are the same as the '57 reissue



- Most importantly, whether the VOS treatment was used. The only examples i have seen of this guitar have somewhat 'aged' hardware and what appears to be aged finish and I wanted to know if they were produced that way out of the factory or if this is the product of the only examples now are getting older and are showing signs of use.


thanks a lot guys!!

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hey joe,


thanks. yeah, we love it here in danville. very old fashioned small town but pretty close to San Fran. I have been to sfguitarworks for a set-up. they did a really nice job.


i also like guitar showcase down in san jose - they have a huge vintage guitar collection - but some of them way out of my price range. rocker guitars in SF has a good gibson selection (though i dont care for the owner too much).


about the harrison les paul, do you know if the color tends to be a little bit pinkish or orangish red in person? I have seen a reportedly new one but it is not a very vibrant red like some of the pics online show. i am wondering if this particular one i saw is just faded or if the actual color from the factory was sort of a faded, almost pinkish red. Lucy in the Revolution promo video and footage from Let It Be sure makes lucy look pretty vibrant/deep red compared to the reissue I saw.


thanks joe

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