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Noob Question: Gibson Iommi pickups vs EMG 81/85... or both?


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Ok so this is probably just like any other EMG vs Iommi pickup post im sure, minus one main thing...


What if I were to put in an EMG 85 at the neck, an 81 at the bridge, and an Iommi in between the two? Im wondering if that is first of all, possible. Secondly, would it possibly be too high gain? Im aware the Iommi would have to be on constantly. Im considering putting them in my Gibson Faded SG, which i play thru a Fender Hot Rod Series Blues Junior tube combo amp. I plan on using it in my studio for recording purposes through a Digitech RP500.


Moreso, I was considering the Kerry King Set for the sake of the PA2 boost. I probably sound like im trying to get some crazy distortion out of it, which is true, however i would like to have the versatility of a clean channel as well. Maybe ill put the Iommi at the bridge, followed by the 85, then the 81 in the neck?


Sorry, I know its a little crazy sounding but I am swapping out the pickups and cant decide, then questioned whether or not i really had to! Im not even sure if this sounds ridiculous and dumb or not but I could use some feedback please! [-o<





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