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Why would someone do this???


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Just saw this EBay link over on the Bonamassa Forum




Why would someone strip down Guitars (this case mostly Gibson's) of all the hardware, call it a 'project' and try and sell just the body/neck for like $1800.


I'm stunded at

a- someone would do that

b- why would someone buy a neck/body for 1800 when you can get a complete Gibson for that?

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They have 2014 LP Trad bodies for $1500, that's $1000 off what the stores want for a new one. EBay has used Trads for about $1800. It makes sense if you are planning to change out everything anyways. I wouldn't do it but there must be a market for this kind of stuff.

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They started out on ebay pretty small.


They sold a lot of stuff so it must be working.


Recently sent me an message that they now have their own site.




I guess that's a good way to cut out the middle two. Ebay/Paypal.


I have never been able to justify the cost of buying a body/neck combo from them at the BIN price. But I have built several F type guits with their parts.

But that was back in the beginning when they actually listed their eBay stuff as auctions, the past year or so they almost never list anything at "auction", everything is BIN and priced above what I want to pay for used parts.


As stated earlier, probably OK prices IFyou already have the hardware and electrics to put in them.


But to my way of thinking better to buy a used guitar than to go this route.

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there is someone better on eBay.. "gibsondependable" who sells "husks" on there...much better prices, I bought an SG from him, although it wasn't stripped, it did have all the wrong hardware on it, someone was trying to make it look older than it was. I swapped out all the hardware for the correct and it's a gem, I love it.

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