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Check out Santana at Woodstock


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Yes Carlos used to play Gibson before PRS...


Let's also not forget how tight Neal Schon (of later Journey fame) was with carlos as a 17 y/o phenom when he joined Santana and was the sound of Santana as much as Carlos was during his tenure there...





Many of those early recordings featured Neal pulling off the leads that we all know as Sanatana classics!




But there's no arguing the pinnacle playing that Carlos exhibits!


I was especially taken by his "Blues For Salvador" album in my youth when I first saw his work on PRS guitars...


I played that cassette until I wore it out falling asleep to it...


It was certainly on my mind and in my brain in that period.

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Santana are still one of the very best live acts. I was lucky enough to see them last year and I wouldn't hesitate to go and watch them again.




Just saw him here about a month ago. We went with another couple and, unfortunately, they were responsible for getting the tickets. We were in the nosebleed section but still an awesome concert and luckily I remembered binoculars. Carlos still has it at 67. I knew it was going to be a great concert when he started with Toussaint L'overture. Santana is on tour with Rod Stewart which still seems like a weird pairing. Fortunately Carlos went on first. I wanted to leave when Stewart came on but the women wanted to stay. [thumbdn]


But it was definitely worth putting up with Rod Stewart to see Santana [smile]

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