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Heading to Austin,Tx with G.A.S.


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Man oh man.


Not a good thing to be heading down to the Texas hill country with an excruciating GAS.Our first holiday in 3 years.Can't wait to huggle up those Gran'babies...


Finally too and many years late, i'm gonna make the pilgrimage down as long ago I promised SRV.


Gotta stop in at Strait music,and Erlewine's down there in Austin.


Chances are highly favorable that we'll leave with some new "adoptee"..Erlewines haz the Lazer along with the Billy Gibbons designed Chaquita travel axe.In addition,some honest looking used instruments.


Strait currently has a beautiful 60th anniv.Fender Strat in desert sand, yummy on da tummy....


Well, the wife just phoned,we are outta here.


See all you cats on the road,next stop Santa Fe,N.M.


Where is that gas-x ?





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