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2011 Gibson SG Bass?


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Hello Gibson Staff,


I recently purchased this bass and hope you can varify that it is an authentic USA Gibson and tell me the exact model.

It shows a serial number of 111810625. It is an ebay purchase from a pawn shop located in Kennesaw, Georgia.

There are letters inside the bridge pup cavity which read " BA SG " also letters in the bridge pup cavity that read " HC ".

The pots top down read volume, volume, tone and all are marked Gibson on the back. The tone pot has a red "2" written by marker under the red wire going to the input jack. The input jack reads " switchcraft " on the inside.

I can add more pics if needed but have reached the upload limit for this post.

Thank you for your time,

post-67119-039178200 1408670091_thumb.jpg

post-67119-065808400 1408670136_thumb.jpg

post-67119-025853700 1408670170_thumb.jpg

post-67119-064230700 1408670209_thumb.jpg

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Hello BigT,


this is not the Gibson staff but just me. :rolleyes:

However, I dare saying this is an authentic Gibson USA SG Standard Bass, with its neck embossed as the 625th during the first batch run of April 28th, 2011. BA SG says it's an SG bass, HC means Heritage Cherry finish. The red mark is an internal thing I guess, some of their kind can be found very often. Genuine Switchcraft jacks are stock on most Gibson instruments if applicable.


Congrats on your nice SG Bass, BigT! [thumbup]


Your 2011 SG Bass obviously features a rosewood board like my 2011 Worn Ebony SG Bass does, too. The 2012 Heritage Cherry SG Bass of mine basically looks like yours but came with a baked maple board. They were in a serious pinch then - even one of my 2012 Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul guitars has a laminated rosewood board instead of a one-piece, and possibly my 2012 Gibson USA Les Paul guitar, too - not sure as long as the original nut is still there.


When about pictures, I sadly have to say that this is not your data limit for this post but the limit of everyone's entire account here. [crying] You will have to use an account you created at an external cloud provider such as photobucket, load your pictures up there and link them big and impressive photographs into your posts here. Hope this helps...


Enjoy your nice SG Bass, mate! [biggrin]

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Thanks for the info. I do have some concern about the truss rod and nut. I was rushed when I posted yesterday and forgot to mention it after I ran out of upload space. Its ugly under the cover. It looks like there may have been some re-gluing in there and the nut doesn't look like some of the other pics I've seen. The nut has been beat up a little, maybe turned with the wrong tool and it appears someone filed or put a grinder to it on one side. I'll try to get that pic added here. I guess the next step will be be new strings and a set up. Thanks again.

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Sadly I have to say that sometimes they don't seem to care that much for the looks of cavities. Remains typically are rather buffing compound than glue.


Truss rod nuts can be replaced without a problem. In any case, one should stay with the genuine Gibson part.


I also experienced that some Gibson guitars and basses were including a truss rod key in their factory sealed package, others not. Using a matching key for adjustment is definitely crucial.

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Thanks for the info. Just one other question regarding this bass. It has an over powering stank. A slight wood smell, maybe mildew and what I think it's serious old, stale cigarette smoke. The white plush in the case is a bit off color in spots, light orange? I've been airing out the case for a few days and it really hasn't changed. I just want to make sure this smell isn't inherent of mahogany and maybe I'm just not used to it. I did wipe the bass down several times with a damp cloth and it really didn't help, same with the outside of the case. I think this one is going back to ebay, which is a shame, because even with the old strings and crappy action I like the look, feel and sound. I just can't get pay the smell.

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