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As I told you fellow Gibson fans I ordered a J-15 from AMS about a week ago and it came yesterday I'm very very pleased with it what surprise's me is all the quality that comes on this Gibson's cheapest solid wood model.....Mine has highly figured walnut with multiple colors and right in the middle of the back from top to bottom is what looks like folded wings Photo's to come my Email is all messed up


I thought I'd have to replace the pickgaurd but it's really nice but the tuners I am going to replace with either Gotoh 510 Delta Locking tuners or Sperzel Locking Tuners.....but now about the sound.....


Wow it sounds great I have a heavy hand and this Gibson isn't your singer songwriter guitar it's voiced full throttle it has the Martin HD28v boominess but has the Gibson highs and midrange but I can lighten up on my hand and do sing some great vocals and it has what I would call a Cello voice that's very smooth and cool to have in my arsenal


My fingernails are a little to short to see how good this baby sounds for fingerstyle yet but I'll keep you posted....


All in all these are very nice guitars and if you look around some of these J-15s have killer looking backs and sides

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Congrats on the new Gibson. They truly are something else. I have had my J-15 for several months now and it just keeps getting better. I had for a couple of months then had my luthier do a real good set-up and put in a bone saddle. Couple that with a pair of elixir nanos and oh my! The guitar sounds incredible.

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