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NGD Finally!!!!


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My new 2002 Les Paul Standard in beautiful flamed Lightburst.

The guitar is in great shape, came with some previous mojo on it, but nothing horrible. Slight button rash on the back, and minor wear on the top, but nothing noticeable unless you're really looking. The neck is a 50's neck, but as with my 2000 Les Paul Standard feels much more like a 60' neck! action is GREAT, neck is straight as a board (no pun intended)

I swapped out the top hats for my preferred gold speed knobs, and swapped out the tailpiece studs with some Tonepros locking studs purchased from the member classifieds here. I know I posted some pics before, but those were taken by the store I purchased it from, these are taken with her in her new home!!!





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1408923381[/url]' post='1556434']

Is this the replacement for the one they botched?


No that one was replaced with the same guitar. This one is one I found online for a great price and just had to have. She's a 2002 standard. And plays amazing. But the replacement for the botched one plays amazing as well!


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